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I tried sending a voucher to my customer and received an error or my customer received an error when trying to redeem the voucher.

The most common reason for an error when sending a voucher is the information entered into the voucher fields does not match the information in our database. It is important to note that the recipient must be a personal customer of the BA sending the voucher or not yet registered with SaveMate. When redeeming a voucher, it is important to note that only the designated recipient can redeem a voucher, and only when redeeming to an account with the same email address to which the voucher was sent. This means that if a prospective customer uses multiple email addresses, the voucher must be sent to the email address that the customer intends to use for registration on the site. Also, vouchers cannot be redeemed by customers with an active or expired VIP subscription, or by customers who have previously used a voucher for their account.
If you still have concerns that were not addressed above, please contact customer support.

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