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How do vouchers work?

Vouchers can be sent from the E-ntrepreneur back office by going to the "Vouchers" area. From there, the following information is required to send a voucher:

  • First & Last Name (this does not have to match the account; "Valued Customer" and similar phrases are acceptable)
  • Email Address

Vouchers can only be sent to your personally enrolled customers or prospective customers who have not yet registered. Vouchers cannot be sent to Partner Program customers or customers belonging to other BA's.
Sending a voucher will generate an automatic email to the recipient containing a link associating their account with yours. The customer can click on the link to register or log in to their own account to redeem a voucher. Please note that only the intended recipient can redeem a voucher and only if using the same email address to register that the voucher was sent to.
Please note that voucher redemptions via the above method will not generate commissions for the BA sending the voucher.

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