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What must I include on my E-ntrepreneur business website?

All websites owned or operated by Business Associates must include "Independent Business Associate" as well as your name and BAID prominently on the site. There must be an "About Us" section on your site containing up-to-date contact details including (at a minimum):
1) Contact Person (name)
2) Mailing Address
3) Phone Number
4) Email Address (your email, not the e-ntrepreneur support email)
In addition, it is prohibited to use any merchant names or logos on your site as doing so would be in violation of our merchant agreement.
All graphics using the e-ntrepreneur logos must be obtained from the back office "Marketing" area. Any unapproved logos must be removed immediately.
It is important to note that your website design must not resemble any official e-ntrepreneur sites, including layouts, colors, fonts, logos, etc. The basic principle is that your site must be clearly distinguished from and must not give the impression of an official e-ntrepreneur or SaveMate company site.
The following disclaimer must also be prominently disclosed on your website:
"This website is operated by an independent e-ntrepreneur business associate. This is not an official e-ntrepreneur website. The website's owner, who is specified in the 'About Us' section, is solely responsible for the site's content."

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