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E-ntrepreneur Copyright and Disclaimer Notice
Living in the digital age as we do today, we understand how important online marketing is
towards building your organization. We encourage you to continue using online channels
as much as you deem fit towards growing and developing your business. We do, however,
need to remind you of the Policies & Procedures you agreed to upon joining E-ntrepreneur.
We understand that you have good intentions
mar- keting your E-ntrepreneur business and we do
not wish to discourage you from using any of the
publicly available mediums to grow your business,
however, because of the importance of SaveMate
and E-ntrepreneur’s brand integrity and to protect
the opportunity for all Business Associates, we must
vigorously pursue potential violations.
Recently, we have found MANY significant violations
of these policies. To give you greater clarity: You may
not, under any circumstance, use the SaveMate or
Ominto names on social media. This means that if
you have registered any pages on Facebook, LinkedIn,
Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest, they must
come down or be changed immediately.
These are proprietary trademarks of the company and
may ONLY be used by the company and our corporate staff.
You may not, under any circumstance, use any
name or logo of any store on any social media page
or website unless you are sharing a SaveMate /
E-ntrepreneur social media post or blog. Only the
company has permission to use these brands. Our
store partners are very strict that we adhere to this rule
and will deactivate us permanently if they find any
Business Associate using their name, brand or logo.
This would affect your existing and future customers’
ability to shop at their favorite store(s) and impact your
business building efforts. Together we must protect
our valued store relationships for all SaveMate.com
shoppers around the world.
1. You may not register with or include the SaveMate,
Ominto or E-ntrepreneur names on any social
media page. The use of these names is strictly for
use by the company. For example, you may not
register a page on any social media outlet named
E-ntrepreneur India or India SaveMate or Team
SaveMate Morocco or SaveMate Cash Back or
Ominto SaveMate. You may not use the SaveMate
or E-ntrepreneur names. Please make necessary
modifications if any of these infractions apply.
2. Domain names or email addresses using the name
”SaveMate” in whole or in part are strictly prohibited;
3. Within your website or social media page, you
MUST include ”Independent E-ntrepreneur Business
Associate”, your name, and BA number; always and
without exception;
4. No brands, product pictures or screen shots from
SaveMate.com or the Ominto corporate site are
5. Design: your website’s design must not be copied
or resemble the design of official SaveMate websites
and/ or corporate identity (applies in particular to
fonts, colors, and layout). Only official web banners
and logos from the download section in the back
office may be used. The basic principle is that the
site must be clearly distinguished from and must
not give the impression of an official SaveMate or
Ominto company site.
6. Information: an About Us section has to be
included with up-to-date contact details on your
webpage(s) and social networking sites. The
minimum information necessary is contact person
(name), city, country, phone number, and email
address as well as a disclaimer (see the following
page 3), that must be visible on the site in a location
that is easy to find.
7. You are not an employee of E-ntrepreneur, Ominto,
Inc. or SaveMate and may not refer to yourself as
such. On LinkedIn your company must always refer
to you as an Independent Business Associate of
E-ntrepreneur, not SaveMate, not SaveMate.com, not
Ominto, ONLY E-ntrepreneur.
8. A BA cannot use the Ominto name under any
circumstance. Your E-ntrepreneur business is with
E-ntrepreneur and not with Ominto. Ominto is a
corporate brand being used for corporate business
The following highlights a few of the Policies we wish for you to remember when you are
developing new, online marketing avenues for your business:
If you are collecting personal data from users (for example email addresses, last names, IP
addresses and so on) you need both a Privacy Policy and a Disclaimer on your site.
If you are not collecting personal data, use only the Disclaimer.
Clearly state the following disclaimer on your website(s):
This website is operated by an independent Independent E-ntrepreneur Business Associate. This is not an official
E-ntrepreneur website. The website’s owner, who is specified in the “About Us section”, is solely responsible for the
site’s content.
Clearly state the following disclaimer on your social networking sites:
This page is operated by an Independent E-ntrepreneur Business Associate. This is not an official E-ntrepreneur
page. The page owner, who is specified in the “About Us section”, is solely responsible for the site’s content.
You will also need to customize your Privacy Policy on your website.
There are a lot of useful tools, like this Privacy Policy Template or this Privacy Policy Generator.
The Disclaimer should not be hidden in blocks of text people are not likely to read, or in hyperlinks,
i.e. behind buttons. A hyperlink does not convey the importance, nature, and relevance of the informati- on to
which it points to and it is likely that many users will not click through and therefore miss necessary information.
The Disclaimer must be in a font that is easy to read and in a shade that stands out against the background. The
Disclaimer should be placed as visible text in the footer of a website and/or in the ‘About us’ section of a website
and/or social networking site.
These Policies and Procedures apply to ALL Business Associates regardless of rank and ALL
social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and so on
and to your own websites that you may develop. We also ask that you submit your websites
for approval to our com- pliance department through a customer support ticket prior to
their launching.
To provide you a greater level of clarity, we have
created an infographic that is available in your back
office to use as your ground rules for conducting
online marketing, particularly as it relates to using the
E-ntrepreneur or SaveMate name.
If you currently have a website or social media page
running that conflicts with these rules, you have seven
(7) days to remove or modify them.
Our compliance departments already has a long list
of sites and social media pages that are in violation of
these rules and will begin contacting you if you are the
owner of one of these sites or pages. Facebook and any
other social media channels will also be contacted to
have such sites removed which could prevent account
owners from creating any new pages or channels in
the future.
Violations of these Policies and Procedures also violate
our trademarks which are protected under U.S. and
International law and are punishable by law and
subject to termination of your BA account.
By working together with our valued Business
Associates, the Company can ensure that we all
represent the high standards and quality image of the
E-ntrepreneur and SaveMate brand and product and
protect your E-ntrepreneur business.

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